Orthotics are medical devices prescribed by your podiatrist. They are custom made to fit your unique feet and biomechanics. Orthotics are inserted into the shoe to provide support, correct the foots natural alignment and to help improve and restore natural foot function.

The correct orthotics for you will help to alleviate pain, allow normal function of lower limbs and feet, realign feet and ankle bones to their original position and prevent further degeneration.

Types of orthotics

There are a range of different materials that orthotics can be made from and our team will pick the best to suit your needs.

Custom made orthotics are specifically made to fit your unique foot and are made of top of the range materials. They are generally much more robust than prefabricated orthotics and are ideal for correcting severe biomechanical problems.

We also offer prefabricated orthotics that can be adjusted to your personal needs. They are made of high quality material and are ideal for providing more support than ‘innersoles’. Prefabricated orthotics are a cost effective solution for children with growing feet.

Who needs orthotics?

An estimated 70% of the population experiences the phenomena called ‘pronation’, where the foot arch drops and causes flat feet. Flat feet tend to roll inwards which causes strain on your ankles, knees and lower back. Orthotics will provide support to the foot whilst working to improve foot alignment.

Alternatively high arches are less common but also cause significant stress on a persons lower limbs. High arches cause the rolling out of feet often causing pain. Custom made orthotics will provide the necessary support to correct the foot to a more natural alignment.